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Tests on all levels

Tests on all levels, from A1 to C1, can be written at a Goethe-Institute of your choice. We arrange the formalities and prepare you reliably.

If you apply you can offer an approved certificate from an independent institution. Prices are according to the offers of the chosen Goethe-Institute.
We prepare you effectively for the required tests: You can practise the exam situation with realistic model tests every week. The tests are written under genuine conditions. Thereby you can assess your individual demands and focus on the contents which are examined in the tests of the Goethe-Institute. We offer model tests to practise all language skills, listening, speaking, reading and writing. We also combine exercises according to your individual demands and wishes.

We also offer tests in the field of German for doctors/carers
Our lessons, as well as our special tests, focus on the practical language use in the field of medicine. We integrate technical vocabulary in everyday situations and practise its correct usage in conversation.