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Placement Service for Medical Professions

We help you with your application and place you into medical jobs.

Application documents
We support you in applying for skilled professions and assists you in corresponding with employers. We help you with the required formalities, like work permit or the application formalities. We enhance your application documents, assist you with the formalities and direct your documents directly to interested medical facilities. We improve your chances to get a job according to your individual wishes.

A punchy application can give you the necessary advance over your competitors in order to get the job of your choice. We advise you in composing a meaningful application portfolio, containing a  covering letter, a CV, as well as an expressive. Thereby your strong points are highlighted within the required framework and expresses your will to face new challenges. We compose, arrange and assemble your portfolio, check it on completeness and send it to interested employers*.

Additionally we offer a special training for job interviews.That helps you to apply in a self-assured manner, without relying on improvisation. We enable you to focus on what you want to say, not how to say it. Thereby you can present yourself to your future colleagues without spluttering, which enables an impressive demonstration of your job-related qualities.* For concrete applications we need translated and legally attested copies of your documents and certificates.