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German for your profession
We offer a syllabus of instruction according to your individual needs, in order to acquire and develop a distinct eagerness to learn. In addition to the courses which are focussed on linguistic training, we also coach you in special skills for medical professions.

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We train the following skills in specialized courses

We offer courses with technical terminology and specialized training, which you can subscribe to separately.

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Communication with patients
Communication with colleagues often is much easier than talking to patients. We convey you the required skills to communicate professional issues without using medical terms, and without falling back on foreign languages, even if they are understood by both dialogue partners. You acquire the required vocabulary and develop a sense for what can be understood by average patients, and which medical terms have to be paraphrased in German.

We practise communication with patients in realistic situations. We focus on your development of an open but expedient questioning technique. Moreover, we train your skills to grasp the details of a patient's description and discuss problems, which may come up in real situations. You acquire essential expressions and phrases, as well as useful vocabulary, in order to understand descriptions of pain or sensory impressions.

Communication with colleagues
We practise communication at your workplace, as well as everyday conversation in a medical work environment. For instance, we teach how to describe a disease pattern with its cluster of symptoms, a course of different diseases, or how to balance reasons for a treatment option in an exact manner of expression. You acquire the necessary skills in order to distinctly express your personal opinion, prospects and possibilities, or to evaluate therapies. We help you to learn a specific phraseology, in order to outline clinical pictures exactly and comprehensively.

Moreover, we teach you the required verbal abilities in order to draft a therapy report in the required and due form. You attain the linguistic abilities in order to describe a progress of diseases, prognostic evaluations, or suggestions for modifications in a treatment regime.

Communication for private care
We do exercises on the communication in outpatient care and work to give you a solid base of vocabulary and continual conversation practice. We impart fundamental expressions for the daily routine in order to help you to master the co-operation with patients without any difficulties.

You acquire the necessary vocabulary to feel confident in naming everyday objects, to give friendly but unambiguous orders, or to understand the content of common formal and official letters. You learn to understand common medical assessments and how to document medical observations from the daily routine. You gain the required linguistic skills to take care for your patient without a dictionary.

Medication: intake, adverse-effects
We tutor how to articulate detailed information on medicine: how to illustrate the most important facts related to the intake, how to describe the binding obligation of a medication and possible side-effects. How do you answer on a patient's objection?

We teach and train you in describing this information in a simple language, which is understood by any patient.

Medical environment and medical equipment
In order to feel fine at your work place, you have to be able to express your medical expertise. There is nothing more troublesome than to be at a loss of words in your professional setting.

We teach the most important vocabulary, as well as useful expressions for any job in a medical environment. Tightly arranged in one special module, which is aimed at the conveyance of a confident manner of expression in realistic situations. That gives you a sense of security while acting in concert with colleagues and patients. Your daily routine will be facilitated by being able to converse without linguistic difficulties.

We recommend this module especially for caregivers, who work close to patients, but also for anyone who co-operates with customers. In order to professionally serve the patients' needs, a trouble-free communication is an essential part of your profession.

Description of different analysis methodsIn order to become confident with the description of results of medical examinations, we teach you the required verbal abilities: you attain the necessary vocabulary and helpful phrases, in order to advise on treatments and depict X-Ray images, CT scans or MRT imaging concisely. You learn how to describe a diagnosis without medical terms, in a language that can be understood by every patient.