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German Language Courses for Doctors and Medical Professions in Germany

We offer Online-Courses and Classroom training

Our recommendation: Combination of Online and Compact Courses
We offer Online Courses, as well as compact courses in Munich. Ask us about the dates.
We guarantee a standardized linguistic training according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) on all levels, from A1 to C1. Thereby, we include German technical vocabulary right from the start and practice medical terminology from a doctor's or nursing staff's daily routine in realistic situations. We coach you in all linguistic competences: we help you to improve your skills in written and spoken language, orally and in written form.

In order to provide you with lessons on your individual level, we conduct a short placement test.

Online Courses

We offer Online Courses on all levels with a maximum of four participants, who are conducted via an online platform. All you need is a conventional internet connection and a headset. No special technical equipment is required. The courses have a maximum of four participants, whereas your individual learning progress can be supported the best way.
We use textbooks, which are suitable for individual learning. For example, the Schritte-series, offered by Hueber-Verlag, contains extensive exercises on listening comprehension. Simultaneously, we also provide you with our own audio material, as well as exercises on videos, songs, speeches, etc., for which you can get online access.

Additionally, we use Deutsch im Krankenhaus (engl.: German for medical jobs) from Langenscheidt-publishing house for teaching the medical jargon. We also make use of material from the daily routine in a hospital, for example diagnosis, medical reports, and much more.

We recommend a combination of Compact Courses and online lessons
In order to make the learning process as effective as possible, we recommend a combination of compact courses and online lessons. By that the aspired skills can be gained and imporved very quickly.

Support in Germany
Besides an effective preparation for the required tests at a Goethe-Institute, we also offer support while you are working in Germany. There we focus on practical language for your working area. You can improve your skills at home in German lessons after work.

Special Courses

In addition to our General Language Courses we offer courses with emphasis on special skills. These are practically orientated and focus on communication skills which you need in a medical profession.


Tests on all levels
Tests on all levels, from A1 to C1, can be written at a Goethe-Institute of your choice. We arrange the formalities and prepare you reliably.
If you apply, you can offer an approved certificate from an independent institution. Prices are according to the offers of the chosen Goethe-Institute.
We prepare you effectively for the required tests: you can practise the exam situation with realistic model tests every week. The tests are written under genuine conditions. Thereby you can assess your individual demands and focus on the contents which are examined in the tests of the Goethe-Institute. We offer model tests to practise all language skills, listening, speaking, reading and writing. We also combine exercises according to your individual demands and wishes.

We also offer tests in the field of German for doctors/carers
Our lessons, as well as our special tests, focus on the practical language use in the field of medicine. We integrate technical vocabulary in everyday situations and practise its correct usage in conversation.