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Work in a German hospital

Get a job in Germany as a doctor, assistant medical technician (MTA), medical assistant (MFA), nursing staff or carer!

We teach you the required cultural and linguistic qualifications. We focus on language with practical orientation: we practice situations from the daily routine and focus on job related vocabulary and set phrases. The learning content will fit in with you.

More information and exercises also on our FACEBOOK-SITE.

If you want to work as a medical specialist, assistant physician, assistant medical technician (MTA), medical assistant (MFA) or caregiver in a hospital or at patients' homes – we prepare you in language courses and register you for tests at a Goethe-Institute of your choice. We arrange your portfolio in order to comply with any formalities, help you with a comprehensive application, present you to potential employers and be at disposal to help you with all challenges.

We also offer preparatory courses for the exam in medical language (Fachsprachenprüfung - FSP)!


You want information on a job as:

  • physician
  • assistant medical technician (MTA)
  • medical assistant (MFA)
  • nurse
  • carer

Our recommendation: Combined Courses
We recommend Combined Courses, containing intensive courses in your home country with continuous Online-Courses to assure your success.

We work with textbooks for general German by the Schubert-Verlag and with special workbooks to train technical terminology.

Do the tests at a Goethe-Institute in your home country!

You are looking for specialised medical personnel?

We place specialists with diverse qualifications: medical specialists, consulting physicians, assistant medical technicians (MTA), medical assistants (MFA) and carers at hospitals or households.

Linguistic prerequisites
In order to be allowed to do medical jobs in Germany you require a language certificate for level B2, according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Additionally, we offer specialised linguistic training for medical professions. On every level, already before achieving B2-skills, useful linguistic abilities can be gained. We can teach you linguistic patterns according to your occupation.